We Are People Who Help People Communicate with Other People
By Geoff Welch & Travis Lewis

When we bought Date-Line Digital Printing in 2005 we knew we were in for an education. We had been running most of the business for a while, but it’s different once you sign those papers. And as much as we knew we were in for a wild ride, we really didn’t know the half of it.

We liken it to being in high school and thinking you know everything, except, eventually you turn 30 and realize you know nothing.

As time has passed we have learned a lot about ourselves and about what we want Date-Line to stand for. We are both big believers in the importance of relationships and doing the right thing, so it is important to us that those beliefs are visible at Date-Line every single day.

We want the people we serve to see that we care. We want them to see that we have their best interest in mind when we go about the work they bring us. Writing about it in a brochure or on a web site is easy but pretty meaningless. If people don’t recognize it when they are interacting with us (or our brilliant staff) in person, on the phone, or online, then it’s just a bunch of marketing garbage.

We don’t want to spread marketing garbage. We want our work to matter. To real people.

And we believe it does. We hear from people every day that we have served them well. We hear about impossible deadlines we’ve met. We hear about how we’ve played a part in successful meetings, trade shows, and presentations. We hear about theses that were defended, classes that were delivered, and artwork that was sold.

And these results, for people we actually know, are really the point.

We don’t think about our work in terms of making copies, printing posters and banners, or facilitating direct mail campaigns. What we really do is help people communicate with other people.

That is at the heart of every job. And while we are really good at the details of printing, laminating, binding, folding, etc., we view those things as component parts of our mission to help people communicate with other people.

Each day we arrive at Date-Line knowing that day will be like no other. We talk to people we know. People who know us. We bring our expertise to bear to find solutions to interesting problems, and sometimes, on a really good day, we beat the crap out of a fax machine

To the lawyers and accountants Date-Line Digital Printing is an independent business. How do we see ourselves? We are people helping people communicate with other people.

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