Thanks, Fairbanks

Thank You with Scribbles

You are invited to an open house on April 26th where we will celebrate your efforts to spread a culture of gratitude in Fairbanks and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how your cards are produced.

Thanks Fairbanks gets a boost from the West Valley cheerleaders

West Valley High School Cheerleaders helping stuff envelopes for the February 2014 Thanks Fairbanks mailer

When Lacy Church, a cheer coach at West Valley High School, volunteered to bring some cheerleaders to Date-Line to help us stuff the February Thanks Fairbanks distribution I thought it was such a cool idea. And then I panicked: how is this going to work with that many people?! My parents have been stuffing the […]

Willow Heath Honors Her Fairbanks Roots With Thanks Fairbanks Art

Willow Heath

When I came across Willow Heath on Instagram I instantly fell in love with her work. Willow is an artist and art instructor living in the Seattle area, but I remember her from our days at West Valley High School here in Fairbanks. In December of 2013 she posted a photo of a funny little […]

Jamie Smith Shares His Amazing Art With Thanks Fairbanks

Thanks Fairbanks cards featuring art by Jamie Smith

Once we saw the beautiful art Jamie created we did something we’ve never done before and featured a single design in our November distribution. Nearly 600 subscribers were each sent 3 of these amazing cards.