Date-Line Staff Photo: Geoff, Rhonda, Melissa, Travis, and Bridget

Geoff, Rhonda, Melissa, Travis, and Bridget are at your service!

As a local business we value the work Fairbanks First is doing to get Fairbanksans thinking about buying local. It’s important work of which we are all beneficiaries.

But that doesn’t mean that we expect our friends and neighbors to settle for inferior products and services just because it’s so important to support local businesses. We believe every local business should make it their mission to be a better choice than a competitor operating outside of Fairbanks.

We want to run a business that is so dedicated to it’s customers that buying anywhere else would be unthinkable; a business that can be an example of exactly why people should want to deal with local businesses.

We love being an independent small business, and we love to help other small businesses. You have better things to do than worry about printing. Leave that to us. Sure, we feature a wide variety of printing services and even offer in-house design services, but what that really boils down to is that our business is really good at making your business look really good.

Helping other independent small businesses in Fairbanks is so important to us that our President, Geoff Welch, writes a weekly blog all about that very topic called INDIE*FBX. Every Thursday he publishes a new article to help and encourage other indie owners to do their very best work.

Fairbanks is such a great place and, like Fairbanks First, we want to participate in keeping it great. Thank you for supporting Fairbanks First, and let us know if there is any way we might be able to help you.

We are located on the corner of College Road and University Avenue, in the Campus Corner Mall, and are open from 7:30AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday. Call us at 479-3831 if you have any questions about how we can help.


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