Geoff Welch, President and Co-Owner of Date-Line Digital Printing

Geoff Welch, President and Co-Owner of Date-Line Digital PrintingINDIE*FBX is a blog by Date-Line co-owner Geoff Welch in which he shares his perspectives and experiences running an independent small business in Fairbanks.

Date-Line is an independent small business and has been supporting Fairbanks’ independent small businesses with cutting edge printing services since 1988.

Geoff loves the indie spirit that makes Fairbanks such a great place to live and do business, and offers his perspectives on doing business as an independent in Fairbanks in hopes of encouraging other indie owners.

To get you started, we suggest you check out the following articles:

Oh, and as an added bonus he also sends a short/inspiring/thought-provoking indie marketing tip every Tuesday. Each e-mail focuses on a practical indie marketing idea you can put into action this week; ideas that are easy to implement but extremely effective.

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