Powered By Humanity

Powered by Humanity

Wait. This is a printing company.
Why do you have so much to say about doing great work?

After our business nearly imploded in 2009, we recognized a deep need to move beyond the mechanics of printing and infuse our work with meaning. As a result we choose to serve our community by giving away thousands of free thank you cards each year and sharing our unconventional ideas about business.

We post new observations every Wednesday to help you embrace what it means to be a human at work, take unusually good care of people, and do your very best work.



Powered by Humanity is our gift to those who believe humanity is a critical component of their very best work. Every Wednesday we share something new to encourage and inspire!


Culled from a decade of “accidental entrepreneurship” and dozens of talks about his experiences, Geoff’s eBook was the inspiration for our blog and has been downloaded thousands of times in countries around the world.