Trash Can with Date-Line Recycles sticker

Trash Can with Date-Line Recycles stickerWe recognized a number of years ago that we needed to find a way to deal with our waste paper responsibly. All of our papers have included at least 30% post consumer waste content for years, but we still needed to ensure that the waste we created was not just ending up in the trash.

We setup a number of bins in our shop specifically for collecting waste paper throughout the day and began taking waste paper to UAF’s recycling area in the Lower Taku parking lot about once a week.

Fairbanks also has a great resource for recycling used toner cartridges. We have been working with the FNSB H.I.R.E. program for more years than I can remember to recycle our own cartridges and we encourage our patrons to bring their cartridges in to drop them off for the H.I.R.E program.

Check out this video of a recent trip to the recycling lot…

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