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Book Binding

We offer a variety of ways to bind books and other documents to help you present your work in an attractive and profession manner.

Example of Coil Binding


A coil provides a strong and attractive finish to your document. They are perfect for applications where it is important for a document to lay flat when opened.
Capacity: About 200 pages

Example of Comb Binding


Using combs makes it very easy to add additional sections to your document at a later date. It’s a snap for us to open a bound book and reuse the bind once pages have been added or removed.
Capacity: About 400 pages

Example of Heat Tape Binding


Heat tape bound books have a very clean, professional appearance and fit nicely on a shelf as the bind wraps right around the edge of the book.
Capacity: About 200 sheets

Example of Booklet with Staples in the Spine


If you want to create a booklet or newsletter that has a magazine style appearance you will love our saddle stitching option. It’s inexpensive and looks fantastic.
Capacity: About 17 sheets


Folding & Perforating

We can quickly and easily fold and/or perforate documents on our high-speed folding equipment. Half-folds and tri-folds are popular, but we can accommodate many more varieties. Plus we can perforate forms, tickets, and anything else that needs to be easily separated.


What might take you hours of manual trimming takes just minutes on our massive guillotine cutter. The 30″ wide blade is actuated by a powerful hydraulic mechanism that makes short work of hundreds of pages at a time. It even makes short work of the wooden tamper tool that we accidentally left within striking distance once. Thankfully it’s security features have prevented us from dismembering ourselves.

Lamination, Mounting, & Shrink Wrapping

If you have documents that need to be protected from environmental hazards like water, dirt, and mud you should check out our lamination offerings. With a huge 60″ roll width we are leading the way in Fairbanks. Even your largest maps and posters can be sealed between two protective layers of crystal clear polyester film, usually in just a few hours. Plus we offer two weights: Standard (3mil) and Heavy (5mil).

We can also apply graphics to fom-core and corrugated plastic boards to give you options for short-term indoor or outdoor signage.

And if you need items shrink wrapped, we can do that too!

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