If you have over 200 people on your mailing list we can save you time, frustration, and even money. Automated mail (formerly known as bulk mail) is a mailing prepared to specific standards set by the USPS. The easier we make it for the Post Office, the less they charge you for the mailer. This is a complex and detailed process that we can facilitate on your behalf. We are mailing experts so you don’t have to be.


We can work with your electronic database or we can acquire a mailing list for you based on the demographic targets you want to reach. Once we have a list for your mailing we will use specialized software to process the list to eliminate problem addresses and ensure adherence to USPS standards.


Sending Automated Mail requires special permits which one must buy from the USPS. If you have your own we will mail using your permit indicia (it’s a fancy stamp that is printed on the mailer), but you don’t need one because we can act as your agent and your mailer can be sent using our permit.
If you are a non-profit and wish to send mail using a special non-profit rate you must register your non-profit status WITH THE USPS.

Mail Piece Design

We can help you design your mail piece to ensure it meets the requirements of the USPS, or we can design the piece for you. Either way you get access to our expertise and access to USPS contacts to ensure that your mailer is designed according to current standards.

Production & Preparation

Once we have a list and approved artwork you get to relax while we handle the rest. Pieces are printed with USPS-compliant addresses and barcodes, and then sorted appropriately to offer you the most cost-effective mailer possible. We handle all the paperwork and take responsibility for it’s accuracy.


Once your mailing is ready we deliver it to our friends at the Post Office whom we have longstanding professional relationships with.

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