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Scanning & Archiving

It’s becoming more and more important to have important historical documents preserved and available digitally. We can easily accommodate your need for digital archiving…even up to 36″ wide and in color or black-and-white!

Family photos, legal documents, architectural plans, and more can be securely archived and presented to you on CD, DVD, or an external drive you provide.

We generally scan documents to the stable and ubiquitous PDF format, but we have the ability to provide your finished scans in a variety of formats of your choosing.

Need something scanned in a hurry? It’s likely our rapid turnaround times will surprise you.

Bic Specialty Products

We have partnered with Bic & their parent company Norwood Graphics to offer you a tremendous variety of promotional products for your business or event. Pens, magnets, bags, water bottles, USB drives…and much, much more.
Explore the wealth of options at

Self Serve Computer & Copiers

Our lobby features 3 Xerox copiers that allow you to run your own copies at your own pace. Plus there is a Pay-As-You-Go can on our front counter where you can drop the payment for your copies without having to wait for help. We probably know you, and we trust you.

We also offer a FREE self serve PC with a connected laser printer (there is a small fee per print). The PC offers high-speed internet access plus Microsoft Office. You can even print to our brilliant Xerox 550 color printer from this PC for amazing color output.

Fax Services

Our fax machine is always on and at the ready to receive faxes for you day or night. Simply have the sender use our fax number (907-474-8056) and you can pick it up in our shop during normal business hours (M-F, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm). Our machine is also available for your outgoing faxes as well. We keep cover sheets available in a tray on our Self Service area counter and we will be happy to send your fax for you.


We keep a fully stocked M&M dispenser on our counter to give you a “chocolate hug” when you come in to see us. The candy is free, but the calories are not…
The M&M dispenser at Date-Line Digital Printing

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