Direct Mail


Direct Mail is back!
While email and social media grab the headlines, your customers are deleting and scrolling past them faster than ever. Meanwhile, direct mail is the dark horse marketing channel that is surprising audiences and capturing their valuable attention.

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Save Money + Time
Ready to surprise and delight your customers with a great direct mail piece? Perfect! But here’s why the DIY route will almost certainly end up costing you more than when you leverage our expertise:

Do it Yourself

  1. Design your direct mail piece.

  2. Have it printed.

  3. Pick it up from the printer.

  4. Print mailing labels from your address list without knowing if there are duplicate or inaccurate addresses.

  5. Stand in line at the post office to get stamps (58¢ each).

  6. Set aside space in your home or office to apply labels and stamps.

  7. Apply labels and stamps to each mail piece.

  8. Go back to the post office to have them mailed.

COST: $615 and 4+ hours

Just Send it to Date Line

  1. Call us to talk about your needs.

  2. Send us your artwork and mailing list (or have us help).

  3. Get back to your most important work.

COST: $390 and about 1 hour

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