Small Businesses
Make a BIG Difference

We firmly believe that small businesses are an integral part of the Fairbanks community.

From the unique and personalized services they offer, to the collective good they are able to do, when everyone does a little, a lot gets done!

Because of this belief we are running a project that will support the great work of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank and symbolize the massive impact that is made by small businesses in our community.

We are inviting small businesses across Fairbanks to bring 15 cans of food to Date Line Digital Printing during the month of February so that we can collectively contribute 1,500 cans of food to the Food Bank.

When they drop off their cans (between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday) we will take a photo to share on social media and make sure they are listed on our roster of participants.

Do you know a small business who might like to participate? Spread the word!