On the surface we specialize in high-quality, short-run printing on tight deadlines, but what we really do is take unusually good care of people. Most businesses spend a lot of time, money, and energy trying to convince people that they value their customers, but we just spend our time, money, and energy doing really great work in support of the people we serve.

This approach seems to be working because we have wonderful, long-term relationships with the people we serve…and they believe so strongly in what we are doing that they invite us into their businesses and civic organizations to share our views on service, leadership, and gratitude with their people.

One of our owners even wrote a free ebook about his unusual business ideas that has been downloaded thousands of times by people all over the world.


Thanks Fairbanks

In 2012 we launched a really fun project called Thanks Fairbanks that shares thousands of FREE thank you cards with our friends and neighbors. This project has afforded us the ability to combine something we care deeply about (gratitude) with something we are really good at (designing, printing, folding, mailing) to spread a culture of gratitude in Fairbanks. It has been so much fun to watch our community share these cards and contribute to our Fortress of Gratitude which features hundreds upon hundreds of messages of thanks right here in our lobby. You can subscribe here to get your cards, or find out more about this project by watching Geoff’s talk from TEDxAnchorage.

Oh, and we were named the Business of the Year by the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce in 2013, recognized as one of 100 Blue Ribbon Small Businesses in America by the US Chamber of Commerce in 2014, and named the Business of the Year by the Alaska Chamber in 2015.

The Humans of Date-Line

Geoff Welch
Geoff Welch // Co-Owner

A husband, father, and accidental entrepreneur, Geoff is committed to using his skills and influence to make Fairbanks a better place to live and work. Geoff is routinely called upon to share his perspectives on business, leadership, service, and gratitude with audiences across the state, and you can get some insight into his irreverent ideas by watching his TEDx talk about Date-Line’s Thanks Fairbanks project, reading his free eBook, or watching his daily videos which feature bite-sized inspiration for people who are pursuing their very best work and building lives that matter. Geoff also serves on the board of directors for the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce and plays drums once or twice a month at Friends Church.

Travis Lewis
Travis Lewis // Co-Owner

The son of founders Terrell & Linda Lewis, Travis has been connected to Date-Line for most of his life. Travis is an avid runner and has completed a number of marathons and ultra marathons in recent years. Date-Line’s resident technician and direct mail guru, Travis also has a reputation for telling corny jokes and making up silly lyrics (a la Weird Al) to the songs that play in the shop. Travis is an active Rotarian, currently serving on the board of directors for his club, and was the race director for the 2014 and 2015 Chena River Runs.

Ashley Swibold // Problem Solver

Wise beyond her years, Ashley is the kind of person that makes the people around her better. She is a dancer, a world-traveler, and a self-sufficient “Mrs. Fix-it,” who is committed to encouraging and serving the customers and coworkers with whom she spends her days. Her technical skills are trumped only by her humanity, which makes her a perfect fit here.

Rhonda Beal
Rhonda Beal // Problem Solver

A writer and self-described “fangirl,” Rhonda spends her Novembers involved in National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) and her free time binge-watching and binge-reading anything that captures her attention. Rhonda truly keeps Date-Line on track by using her innate ability to manage details to conquer much of the invoicing and online job processing…all while keeping Geoff and Travis in line. Mostly.

Melinda Degnan // Problem Solver

Melinda never ceases to amaze us with the amount of contagious joy she is able to harness. A wife, mother, and former Marine, Melinda’s optimism, work ethic, and desire to take unusually good care of people make her a delight to work with even when she is humming Christmas music in June.