Photoshop World Day 1: Lighting and Vision

Giant Wacom Tablet at Photoshop World

Many of you know that I am in Las Vegas this week attending the Photoshop World conference. This is 3-day blast of photography, photoshop, and well, all that Vegas has to offer. I'm not a particularly "Vegas" kind of guy but the conference is great. I just realized that I haven't left the Mandalay Bay Resort since I arrived yesterday afternoon. Somehow I haven't been outside … [Read more...]

Paper Weights Are Not What They Seem


Have you ever heard someone say that numbers don't lie? Well, they do. Especially when it comes to describing the weight of a sheet of paper. When our customers come in to compare papers they usually want to compare them based on pound weights like 20 lb. or 32 lb. or 60 lb. This is because here in America the pound weight is the most prominent number displayed on ream … [Read more...]

Tickets and Numbering

Concert tickets printed at Date-Line Digital Printing in Fairbanks, Alaska

Tickets for events or raffles are a snap. We can create the tickets based on your design notes, perforate tear-off segments, and even number them sequentially. The tickets pictured with this post were designed by our friends at The Blue Loon. We printed them with sequential numbers, perforated each ticket, and cut them to size. We have also done raffle tickets for the … [Read more...]