The Case of The Misplaced Identity

PassportsHave you ever left something important, like your car keys or your phone, behind at a business? How about almost every legal identifying document you have? Well, this week a customer left their passport, drivers license, and social security card in our store.

Thankfully Melissa came across the documents and immediately set out to find the person who left them. The phone book (yes, those still exist) was no help so she decided to try Facebook. Armed with practically every detail about the customer she was able to sift through the multiple entries for this person’s name and find their cell number which was listed publicly.

One phone call later and the person had their incredibly important legal documents back in hand.

See, we really do solve problems!

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Geoff Welch co-owns Date-Line Digital Printing and loves writing and speaking about leadership, service, and gratitude. His free ebook "Powered by Humanity" has been downloaded thousands of times by people all over the world.

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