Rubber Stamps In Under 24-Hours

Samples of Date-Line Digital Printing's Rubbber StampsDo you remember when rubber stamps were a sticky mess? You had to use an ink pad and the ink just got everywhere… Ugh.

Well, we’ve been making clean, self-inking rubber stamps for years. So many years in fact that we burned our first stamp maker up and just had to smash it with a sledgehammer when we replaced it.

These stamps are inked from the inside so there is no ink pad to mess things up. The underside of the stamp features a unique membrane to keep things clean.

When the stamp is created, light is used to allow ink to pass through only the portions of the membrane where your words or logos are. This means that there is never any ink in a place ink shouldn’t be.

We can include logos and graphics and create designs that go well beyond a basic return address block. We’ve pictured a couple of designs with this post, but there are many, many options to make really interesting stamps.

We’ve been using a check endorsement stamp every single day for well over a year without needing ink. We will happily re-ink stamps for you, but we don’t expect it will come up very often.

We carry a variety of sizes (see below) and can produce them in less than 24-hours, sometimes within the same day.

For more information, or to place an order, call (907) 479-3831 today.

1060 1-Line Stamp: .37 x 2.36″
1850 3-Line Stamp: .71 x 1.97″ (our most popular!)
3458 4-Line Stamp: 1.34 x 2.28″
2770 5/6-line Stamp: 1.06 x 2.76″
1212 Square Stamp: .47 x.47″
3030 Square Stamp: 1.18 x 1.18″

A special thank you to Mark of the No-Fi Soul Rebellion for giving us permission to use his awesome song, “Glass Eyes” in this video.