Thanks Fairbanks

About Thanks Fairbanks

In late 2011 Geoff Welch had a “crisis of gratitude” that was the first step in developing Date-Line Digital Printing’s Thanks Fairbanks project. After designing a number of original thank you cards and committing to personally send at least one each business day, Geoff recognized an opportunity to marry his passion with the resources at Date-Line to invite others into a discipline of gratitude.

The resulting project set out to spread a culture of gratitude in Fairbanks, Alaska by sharing thousands free thank you cards with residents each year through quarterly mailings. In addition to serving hundreds of subscribers, Thanks Fairbanks has also attracted a great deal of attention from audiences around the world and landed Geoff onstage at TEDxAnchorage.

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The Fortress of Gratitude

We also invite the people we serve to write the things for which they are thankful and post them on our walls. More than 700 6×6″ cards adorn our lobby walls and are the perfect elixir for any bad day. From funny to profound, wandering around the lobby and reading these messages is an amazing way to gain perspective and recognize that the world is filled with some pretty remarkable people.

The Fortress of Gratitude at Date-Line Digital Printing

The Coloring Book

The Thanks Fairbanks Coloring BookIn 2015 we introduced a coloring book designed to introduce our message to a younger audience and inspire interesting conversations between children and the people who are teaching them how to make meaningful contributions with their lives.

You can get your free copy at Date-Line Digital Printing or download the PDF to print at home by following this link: