5 simple ways to level up your career

5 simple ways to level up your career

5 simple ways to level up your career
Ready to level up your career? Here are 5 simple ideas that will get you on your way.

  1. Take on a difficult project
  2. I am keenly aware of the people around me who are up for a challenge and those who aren’t. Being ready and willing to take on difficult projects – you know, the projects that require you to showcase the unique skills you bring to the game – sets you apart in the very best way. There are plenty of people focused on doing the bare minimum, so do yourself a favor and tackle the challenges that allow you to demonstrate your remarkable value.

  3. Lead from where you are
  4. Simon Sinek nailed it on the head: “leadership is a choice, not a rank.” You can be a leader regardless of your title, but it requires you to take responsibility for people and for outcomes that may not specifically be in your job description. If your plan is to be a leader once you are the boss, you may find becoming the boss much more difficult.

  5. Learn something new
  6. Take personal responsibility to learn new things that will make you more valuable to your organization, or the organization you hope to work for. Take classes, listen to podcasts about your area of interest, attend a workshop, read incredibly smart blog posts every week, make something you’ve never made before, read a book… BONUS: you get to keep everything you learn!

  7. Share your insights
  8. A brilliant way to demonstrate your ability to make unique and valuable contributions is to generously share your observations and insights. I started sharing irreverent ideas about leadership, service, and gratitude a few years ago an am completely floored by how many opportunities have shown up as a result. Sharing your unique perspectives, experiences, and knowledge might be the key to taking your career to new heights.

  9. Demonstrate gratitude
  10. Being a thankful person and expressing your gratitude to others isn’t just a great way to level up your career, it’s a great way to level up your life.

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