We Cranked Out These AOGA Table Tents In Short Order

Table tents for AOGA rally

Table tents for AOGA rallyA few weeks back we received a call late in the afternoon from an agency in Anchorage who needed us to produce a number of table displays for an Alaska Oil & Gas Association rally that was to be held in Fairbanks the next day.

10AM the next day.

I knew we would have no problem meeting the short deadline (after all, that’s what we do) so I assured the representative we could have their design printed, assembled, and delivered to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce on time.

They quickly sent us the files via our online file submission system and we were under way.

I had actually created a similar 4-panel design for the Christmas party my church put on in December so I had a solid system in place for assembling them quickly.

The artwork they provided featured 3 identical side-by-side panels that we printed and cut to size, leaving additional white space on one end to form a tab. We then scored the piece at the edge of each panel so that it would fold nicely, and then glued the tab on the edge of the left-most panel to the inside back of the right-most panel to create a triangular display piece.

The pieces were a lot of fun to put together and turned out beautifully. Once again, a great design + our expertise = really cool finished pieces, done in flash.

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