How We Help The Blue Loon Bring Great Concerts To Fairbanks

Tickets we made for the Blue Loon

Tickets we made for the Blue LoonThe Blue Loon has been bringing great bands to Fairbanks for indoor and outdoor shows at their unique venue in Ester for years. Snoop Dogg, Buckcherry, Sublime, 311, and Cake are just a few of the amazing performers they’ve brought to the interior.

And when they book a band or performer to come to Fairbanks and play, they need tickets. We are honored that for years they have trusted us with producing these tickets.

With a new show on the horizon our friends at the Blue Loon create their own ticket artwork and send it to us online. We then add sequential numbers to the top and bottom of the tickets and print them multi-up on 12×18″ sheets of card stock.

After the printing is complete we run the sheets of tickets through our perforator to create a ticket “stub” on one end that they can use when taking tickets at the door.

Once each sheet has been perforated we cut them to size and shrink wrap them in sets of 100 so that they are easy to manage and account for.

Blue Loon owner Adam Wool usually needs to get the tickets we make for him on sale quickly. Because of this it’s important that the tickets we make are not only beautiful, but also available in short order. Having worked closely with him for such a long period of time has enabled us to develop a process by which we can create high-quality tickets, sometimes as many as 3,000, on incredibly tight deadlines.

In fact, Adam had this to say about us: “Date-Line makes concert production so much easier by making high-quality, numbered tickets whenever I need them, which is usually the very next day. Date-Line is so great to work with and they make my job all that much easier. One less thing to worry about.”

Our years of work with The Blue Loon mean that we have a rock-solid system in place for producing tickets for anyone. You get the benefit of our expertise which allows us to design and create tickets quickly, but with extraordinary quality. The Blue Loon chooses to create their own artwork, but we can easily create beautiful custom ticket artwork.

Call us today at (907) 479-3831 to find out how we can help you create tickets for your next event.

Oh, and here’s little video we made about a recent project for The Blue Loon:

For more on The Blue Loon:

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