Racing The Clock for The Equinox Marathon

Travis Lewis after the 2009 Equinox Marathon

Travis Lewis after the 2009 Equinox MarathonThere is a distinct chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors, and the geese have flown south. That must mean fall, and the Equinox Marathon, are upon us. In fact, this years running of the Equinox will be it’s 50th!

While we can’t say we’ve supported the folks who organize the Equinox for 50 years, we are proud to have been working minor miracles for them for more years than I can remember.

Each year the race starts early on Saturday morning, the finish line remains open until 6:00PM, and there is an awards banquet at 7:00PM at which results books are made available.

Wait, what? The finish line closes at 6:00 and there are results books at the 7:00 banquet?

That’s where we come in. For many years we have fired up the shop during off-hours, taken race result information provided to us just after 6:00PM and produced 50-100 result books for the racers in the span of about 1 hour. It’s a courtesy we happily extend because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. We are here to solve problems.

Travis used to come in around 5:30 to get the machines ready for action, but then he started running the race a few years ago. He’s fast, but that would be asking a lot so we make sure someone else is in the shop ready to start printing results books as fast as our machines will allow. Which is pretty fast.

It looks like our friends who organize the Equinox have had a record number of registrations this year and we hope the race is another huge success. It truly is a part of the fabric of Fairbanks and we are so fortunate to get to participate.

Good luck, marathoners!

PS: Travis is running the 2012 Equinox as the second of 3 marathons he is running in the span of 8 weeks. Next up is the Chicago Marathon in October. Foolishness…

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