I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know what to do

A friend of mine is navigating a complicated professional transition and this is an open letter just for them. And you.

Everything is temporary.

I know things are frustrating and overwhelming right now, but this won’t last forever. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that this a season…a chapter…and it will end.

No one expects perfection.

It’s wonderful that you expect a great deal out of yourself, but it’s important to remember that those around you don’t expect you to be perfect. Do the very best you can now and learn how to do it better next time. Riding a bike, learning and instrument, or learning to drive stick are unforgiving at first, but after a while you figure it out.

Transitions are scary, get used to it.

Moving from something you know to something uncertain is a scary thing. That’s the nature of the beast. No one would ride roller coasters if they expected them to feel secure and stable. It’s only once they expect it to be a barf-inducing screamfest that they can actually enjoy the ride. Expect this transition to be a little scary and remember that it’s a little scary for everyone else too. Sometimes the best way to combat fear and anxiety is to help someone else to not be scared.

Everyone else is figuring it out as they go.

Speaking of everyone else, I bet you think they all know what they are doing. They don’t. I would wager that most of the people outside of your inner circle think you have it all figured out too.

The things you are struggling with are causing you to miss the things that make you great.

Don’t ever let frustration with all that is on your plate compromise your ability to see what other people see when they look at you. Your contributions are not a commodity that could be replaced by anyone, anywhere. You bring something unique and valuable to the work that makes your contribution remarkable.

Everything is figureoutable.

The gap from here to there is daunting, but it can be bridged. (h/t Marie Forleo)

There is way more to life than all of this.

This transition is a part of your life. Just a part. That’s all. It’s a big deal, I get it, but don’t forget about the other really great parts of your life along the way.

What if what’s next is amazing?

It is entirely possible that the result of all these changes will be something truly wonderful. How would today, this week, or this month look different if you believed a different story about your eventual destination?

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