Rack Cards

Sample rack cards printed at Date-Line Digital Printing in Fairbanks, Alaska
Rack cards are a great way to provide information to your audience in a form that is both easy to display and easy to share. We create and print 4″x9″ vertical  rack cards on 100# card stock to fit in standard rack card holders that can be purchased at most office supply stores, or in a standard business envelope. These two-sided cards are wonderful for sharing a basic message and providing information on how and where the reader can obtain more in-depth information.

We use them on our counters here in the shop and they are a perfect addition to a trade show table or just to keep in a brief case as a compact “flyer” to hand out to those who may be interested in what you have to offer. While color printing is the most eye-catching and popular method for producing rack cards they can also be printed in black-and-white on a variety of stocks. You can supply your own design or we can create one for you.

Above is a photo of some cards we have produced for our friends at Friends of Creamers Field, Apocalypse Design, Yukon River Lodge, and Campus Creations.

Questions about how we can help you with your project? Call us today at 907-479-3831 or e-mail us at jobs [at] datelinedigitalprinting [dot] com.

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