Rush Banner Stand for HooDoo Brewing

HooDoo Brewing Banner Stand at Date-Line Digital Printing

HooDoo Brewing Banner Stand at Date-Line Digital PrintingWhen our friends at HooDoo Brewing called us hoping to get a banner stand (like that of an affordable church signage) updated with new artwork before a impending trip for Alaska Beer Week we had just two words for them: no problem.

We’ve been fans of HooDoo since before they were open for business and they have always been a pleasure to work with, so helping them meet a tight deadline was something we were more than happy to do.

They dropped off a banner stand they were already using and requested that we replace the current graphic with updated artwork. We took the beautiful artwork they submitted online as a PDF, printed it out on banner vinyl using our wide format plotter, trimmed it out, and installed it in their banner stand.

They were walking out the door with an amazing new promotional display hours before the agreed upon time and we did our part to eliminate an item from their to do list. Mission accomplished.

Thanks HooDoo!

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