Support small businesses,
score a souvenir.

The COVID-19 outbreak has stifled the demand for our services since we exist to help so many of the small businesses that are crippled by this as well. We’re confident that demand for our services (and service!) will blossom once this is all over and we still want to be around to do the work.

Since our day-to-day work revolves around conjuring creative solutions for our customers, we decided to conjure one for ourselves to help generate a little of the revenue we badly need to support our employees and vendors.

Lauren Hatty – the designer with whom we are proud to partner – created this unique, cheeky, 3x3" souvenir sticker you can slap on your (remote work) laptop, your car, or your kids. We’ll print up as many as you want and use the proceeds to help each of us bridge the gap.

Thanks, Fairbanks.