When In Doubt, Beat The Crap Out Of A Fax Machine

Geoff Welch Pounds An Old Fax Machine

We work with machines all day. Machines help us to do our work more efficiently. Machines help us do things that we couldn’t do without them. But machines also cause us to pull our hair out. Machines laugh at us. Machines enjoy our suffering. So, when a machine goes down for the count we aren’t about to let it go … Read More

How To Change The Graphic In A Banner Stand

We recently produced a video detailing how to replace the graphic in one of the retractable banner stands we sell. It’s about 7 minutes and covers the process from start to finish. Oh, and if you pay close attention you can see our “magic” utility knife.

How to Crop PDF’s in Acrobat

In this 4:41 video Geoff explains how to access the Crop Tool in Adobe Acrobat and how to use it to isolate a portion of a PDF for printing or to focus your audience.

Rhonda’s Balloon Surprise

Today is Rhonda’s 5-year anniversary with us and we wanted to surprise her with a shower of balloons when she showed up this morning. We failed.

-40F Hot Water Test

When it’s -40F and you take hot water outside and throw it in the air…this happens: