Thanks Fairbanks gets a boost from the West Valley cheerleaders

West Valley High School Cheerleaders helping stuff envelopes for the February 2014 Thanks Fairbanks mailerWhen Lacy Church, a cheer coach at West Valley High School, volunteered to bring some cheerleaders to Date-Line to help us stuff the February Thanks Fairbanks distribution I thought it was such a cool idea.

And then I panicked: how is this going to work with that many people?!

My parents have been stuffing the Thanks Fairbanks mailing for the past year and it’s a fairly simple process for two people to keep organized. A herd of cheerleaders seemed like a daunting prospect since the mailer has to be arranged in a specific sequence and more hands increases the opportunity of human error.

With a little planning and coordination Lacy and 13 cheerleaders we were able to accurately fold and stuff more than 1,900 thank you cards into nearly 650 sequenced envelopes in just under an hour.

Thank you, Lacy and the West Valley cheerleading squad for being such a tremendous help and for looking for opportunities to serve your community. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a 1994 graduate of West Valley.

If you have any interest in helping us prepare this mailer that serves hundreds of your friends and neighbors, just call me at 479-3831.

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