Check Out These Incredibly Original Wedding Favors

Custom sticker on a chap stick bottle

We get to make the coolest things.

Custom sticker on a chap stick bottle

Recently a customer (someone who had just watched our video about making magnets) came in with a really unique project. Something we’d never done before, and couldn’t have managed before we upgraded our equipment last fall.

The customer was creating favors for a bridal shower and needed business card sized magnets, stickers that would be wrapped around chocolates, stickers to replace chap stick labels, and a return address rubber stamp. Aside from the magnets and the stamp we had never created anything quite like this project, but we love leveraging our equipment to do new and unique things.

We quickly set out to get the artwork arranged, carefully measuring each item to ensure the printed pieces wrapped perfectly, and coordinated proofs with the customer via e-mail. Once approved we began printing, cutting, and magnetizing the individual components. In all, the order was completed in less than 24-hours.

The customer was kind enough to share a finished bag of favors for us to photograph and share here.

As you can see in the pictures below the finished favors turned out beautifully and we had so much fun helping to make them possible.

Custom sticker wrapped around chocolates
A custom sticker wrapped around chocolates.

Save the date magnets
Custom save the date magnets.

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