Why We Call Ourselves Problem Solvers

A few months ago I realized we had a problem with our job titles. The words Customer Service Specialist were accurate, but they didn’t really get to the crux of what we do.

When I started to really distill the work we do here down to it’s essence I eventually got down to solving problems for people. Of course, we solve these problems so that we can help people communicate with their audience, but it all really boils down to using our experience and expertise to solve problems. So, I changed everyone’s title to Problem Solver. (You can do this sort of thing when you own an indie business…)

One of my favorite things in the world is when a customer shows up in the shop, exasperated, and starts to spill out all the problems they are having with a project. In a breathless stream of words and hand gestures they explain why they are so far behind and how their boss didn’t get them the final information until this morning and how it has to be ready on a crazy short timeline. They are apologetic and stressed and overwhelmed and when they finally take a moment to fill their lungs with air I get to offer them a reassuring smile and say, “No problem. We’ll take care of you.”

How can this be? How can they be on the edge of an emotional breakdown about something that is, “no problem?”

Well the truth is that we just have the experience and equipment to solve the problem quickly and easily. And it’s a lot of fun to help someone in that way.

I say I love that moment because it’s in those instances, when someone is asking for something that they are 93% sure is impossible, that we get to flex our muscles and melt their brain a little. There is often a moment where the customer looks a little confused because if it’s “no problem” then they clearly didn’t explain it very well.

And so I talk through it with them and explain how we are going to provide exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. Problem solved.

And that’s what we are here to do. To make the impossible look easy and give our customers one less thing to worry about.

That’s why we call ourselves Problem Solvers.

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