4 ways to break out of a slump

4 ways to break out of a slump

4 ways to break out of a slump
Some days you operate at maximum effectiveness and everything you touch turns to gold. Other days are marked by a lack of focus, listlessness, and ennui.

Everyone loses their professional mojo from time to time, so here are four tips to help you break out of a slump and get back in the zone.

1. Be generous

Finding yourself in a slump does not engender feelings of generosity, but choosing to be generous is a great way to focus on something other than how you feel in the moment. Plus, being generous is a great way to flood your body with some much needed oxytocin.

2. Elevate your perspective

When professional baseball players can’t buy a hit for a period of time they call it a slump because it’s an anomaly. They perform well, they perform less well, then they perform well again. Purposefully elevating your perspective from the present slump you find yourself in will help you see that you’ve been in slumps before and survived.

3. Look for the hidden opportunity

Maybe a slump is an opportunity. We like to watch movies about a band of rebels taking down an evil empire because we want to see them triumph over impossible odds. What we don’t like is when we have to triumph over “impossible” odds. What can the discomfort of wrestling with your professional slump net you on the other side?

4. Do the work anyway

The calling card of a true professional is showing up and doing the work even when they don’t feel like it. For me, that means producing a video every single day and posting an essay every Wednesday, even when I don’t feel as inspired as I’d like. Maybe the best way to overcome your slump and reunite with your mojo is to literally work your way through it.

Those are just four simple ideas to help you break out of a professional slump, but there are dozens more. What is your favorite slump buster?

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  1. yes, being persistent is key. good days bad days, as long as eventually you’re moving onward and upward 🙂 and being grateful for each day we are given !

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