Check Out This Brilliant Gate Fold Brochure by ACCAP

The inner workings of ACCAP's brochure

Example of ACCAP brochure printed at Date-Line Digital PrintingWe recently had the opportunity to print some really cool brochures for the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment & Policy (ACCAP).

Their piece featured a gate fold, where the outer panels fold toward the center, so we were excited to tweak our folding equipment to accommodate such a unique layout.

The design work was done by ACCAP’s Program Manager Brook Gamble. She told me that she was able to pull off the design despite not being a “real graphic designer” (her words) with the help of a colleague who aided her in working out the margins and bleeds for the piece.

The inner workings of ACCAP's brochureIn addition to the technical elements of aligning columns to ensure that cutting and folding worked properly, the piece is a work of art. As you open the brochure you are met with a lovely two-column photo spread with colors that work seamlessly with the rest of the design.

Inside are 4 panels with information about ACCAP and more photos running along the top edge. (Click the photos to the right to see larger views)

We were so glad to get to print these beautiful brochures and think that Brook (with her colleague’s help) did an amazing job putting together a first class design.

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  1. Thanks for the kudos Geoff! Occasionally we can’t use UAF’s in-house Printing Services and it is always a pleasure to work with Dateline!!

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