Tickets and Numbering

Tickets for events or the David Copperfield magic show are a snap. We can create the tickets based on your design notes, perforate tear-off segments, and even number them sequentially. The tickets pictured with this post were designed by our friends at The Blue Loon. We printed them with sequential numbers, perforated each ticket, and cut them to size. We … Read More

Rack Cards

Rack cards are a great way to provide information to your audience in a form that is both easy to display and easy to share. We create and print 4″x9″ vertical  rack cards on 100# card stock to fit in standard rack card holders that can be purchased at most office supply stores, or in a standard business envelope. These … Read More

He Runs a Biz, And Marathons

Travis is heading down to Anchorage today to participate in the Humpy’s Marathon on Sunday.  Since running his first marathon in 2006 Travis has run the Equinox Ultra Marathon (50K!) in 2009 and is currently registered to run it again next month.  Travis logs about 200 miles a month running around Fairbanks and we’re super proud of his accomplishments as a runner. Share

Color Prints Now As Low as 35 CENTS!

No April Fool’s jokes here.  We’re super excited to announce that we’ve lowered the starting price for 8.5 x 11″ color prints to 75 cents and created a steeper volume discount that will yield much lower prices for color printing.  In fact, we’ve lowered the prices for color printing on all of our stock selections!  11×17″ paper starts at $1.25 and … Read More