When In Doubt, Beat The Crap Out Of A Fax Machine

Geoff Welch Pounds An Old Fax Machine

Geoff Welch Pounds An Old Fax MachineWe work with machines all day. Machines help us to do our work more efficiently. Machines help us do things that we couldn’t do without them.

But machines also cause us to pull our hair out. Machines laugh at us. Machines enjoy our suffering.

So, when a machine goes down for the count we aren’t about to let it go gently into that good night.


The song “Exclamation Mark” was graciously provided by my friend Mark Heimer of the No-Fi Soul Rebellion.

Oh, and don’t worry. Our fully operational fax machine is on 24-hours a day to receive faxes for our customers at (907) 479-8056.

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