Gratitude changes everything: A conversation with Hailey Bartholomew

Hailey Bartholomew

Hailey Bartholomew

Maybe it’s just the Australian accent, but I could listen to Hailey Bartholomew talk about gratitude all day long.

It’s no secret that I have a personal affinity for thankfulness, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Hailey’s moving talk from TEDxQUT prompted me to send her a note (literally before she was done talking) to ask her for an interview.

A number of years ago Hailey found herself depressed and unfulfilled with her life. In an attempt to find happiness she chose to meet with a nun who recommended that she spend 10 minutes at the end of every day writing down the things she was grateful for. This would be the first domino to fall toward Hailey launching a project in which she took a single polaroid of something she was thankful for every day for a year, a journey which changed everything for her.

I hope that listening to Hailey’s honest and vulnerable account of how purposeful gratitude led her out of an incredibly difficult time in her life, enriched her relationship with her husband, and forever changed how she looks at the world around her will inspire and challenge you to consider the incredible power in taking the time to notice the many things in your life worth being thankful for.

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  1. Thanks Geoff for sharing. I’ll continue tuning in while discovering what else this world has in store me. Please notice my off-Xerox contact

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