Jamie Smith Shares His Amazing Art With Thanks Fairbanks

Thanks Fairbanks cards featuring art by Jamie Smith

Thanks Fairbanks cards featuring art by Jamie SmithIn addition to being an iconic Fairbanks artist, Jamie Smith is a living legend in our shop. He is a a long-time customer, friend, and former employee with connections to our humble operation that span parts of 3 decades.

We have followed and enjoyed his amazing work as an artist over many years and have had the great fortune to get to participate in bringing it to life in our shop on more than a few occasions. Plus we’ve gotten to help produce examples of the amazing work he is inspiring his art students at UAF to create.

After the success of the thank you card Lucas Elliott created for us last November, we were giddy to invite Jamie to be a featured artist. We were so happy to find that he was not only interested in collaborating, but had even considered approaching us.

Once we saw the beautiful art he created we chose to do something we’ve never done before and feature a single design in our November distribution. Nearly 600 subscribers were each sent 3 of these amazing cards and we hope they are willing to part with them for the sake of sharing gratitude with their friends and loved ones. They are beautiful, so I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting to keep them, but I sincerely hope they get shared far and wide.

For much more on Jamie Smith and his work, please visit his blog at http://inksnow.blogspot.com/. He even posted a short write up about being commissioned to create the art for this card.

Thank you, Jamie!

For more on Thanks Fairbanks and to get your own free thank you cards, just visit http://www.thanksfairbanks.com.

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  1. Thank you for your amazing cards, I was gifted a few from a good friend. Like him, I’ve begun the practice of sending at least 1 thank you card a day to people I’ve worked with, family, or have come in contact with. This has been a great practice of gratitude in my business and personal life. I was using your cards until I ran out. Keep up the good work, I look forward to being in touch.


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