Oval Stickers for Black Spruce Dog Sledding

Black Spruce Dog Sledding Stickers

Black Spruce Dog Sledding StickersWe were excited when Iditarod veteran Jeff Deeter & KattiJo Fetting contacted us recently to help them create oval stickers to promote their business, Black Spruce Dog Sledding.

Their logo was on file since we had already worked together designing and printing their rack cards, so repurposing their art for 3×4″ oval stickers was a breeze.

We arrayed their logo with cut markers on a 60″ sheet in Adobe Illustrator and printed the document on our color plotter, before cutting the ovals with our Summa cutter (here’s video of that machine at work).

The final product, which we produced in about 24 hours, turned out really well and the pair loved them. For more about their Un-Tours, go to blacksprucedogsledding.com.

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  1. Travis:

    What do you charge for scanning 8 1/2 x 11 documents? If there are say 100.

    Merritt Helfferich

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