Perforated adhesive vinyl is a great solution for window displays

Front doors with perforated vinyl on the inset windows

Front doors with perforated vinyl on the inset windowsWe are in the process of updating our window displays and I wanted to show you how our perforated adhesive vinyl product can be a simple and effective solution.


We have 9 large windows (plus two windows in our entry doors) across the front of our store and they are a blessing and a curse.

It’s wonderful to have a lot of light coming in during the cold and dark winter months, but they amplify the sun in the summer to make our facility hot, hot, hot!

We love that we can see out, but it isn’t always advantageous for a customer to be able to see in because of the unattractive equipment that in positioned in front of the windows.

We knew we wanted to clean up the look of our storefront, add some messaging to our windows, and manage the light/heat that comes in without completely blocking it. You can hop over to this site to get expert’s suggestion and solution to keep your windows clean always.


We chose a perforated adhesive vinyl product on which to print the messaging we wanted to display on our windows because it would yield a beautiful image and control light (and heat) without completely blocking it.

Our perforated adhesive vinyl is a 50/50 variety, meaning that half of the surface vinyl has been punched out to allow light through. As you can see in the close up it is basically Swiss cheese vinyl. We also have a non-perforated adhesive vinyl product, but it would block nearly 100% of the light which is not what we were going for.

Close up of perforated vinyl on our front doors


We started the project by printing our graphics on our 60″ wide-format plotter and then covered the them with an over laminate (plastic film) to protect the surface. At this point we basically had giant stickers that we could (carefully) apply to the windows.

The adhesive is incredibly strong, but can be removed completely without damaging the glass or leaving any significant residue behind.

Geoff trimming the curved edges of the window vinyl on our doorsThe installation began by dressing our front doors in this material and using the space to post our logo, hours, and web site address for folks who may need to send us an order after hours. (see image at the top of this post)

The most difficult part of this installation was the detail trimming around the curved edges at the top and bottom of each window, and navigating air bubbles between the media and the glass.

You might also notice we included a cutout in our left door so that we could post special hours or other messages from the inside.

Below is a picture of how the doors look from the inside looking out. You’ll notice things on the outside look blurry, but light still passes through.

Reverse side of our front doors showing how light passes through perforated vinyl

Perforated adhesive vinyl was a perfect choice for this application and is relatively easy for the end user to work with. If this project inspires any ideas for your organization, feel free to give us a call at 907-479-3831 and we can discuss how we can leverage our equipment and expertise to help you make it a reality.


Front doors and lobby graphics at Date-Line Digital PrintingOh, and we also added some “toppers” to a couple of the windows in our lobby.

These help to cut down on a particularly bothersome situation in which the afternoon sun ends up blasting straight into our eyes as we assist customers at our counter.

I will post more pictures as the project continues. Next we will tackle the 6 large windows on the production side of our building.

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  1. I love this idea. It looks GREAT as it blocks the sun and gives pertinent information.
    I love the blue, but what other color choices are available?

  2. Every color! The material is white and we print whatever you need on it. 🙂

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