Sarah Gillam // I Like The Way You Work It 021

Sarah Gillam
In episode 21 of I Like The Way You Work It Geoff and West Valley High School Principal Sarah Gillam talk about making sure students feel like connected contributors, the importance of having a positive influence on the people around you, and the resurgence of fanny packs. Subscribe to our weekly email to hear all the latest episodes and get bite-sized inspiration to power up your work:

This podcast was recorded in Geoff’s Office using a pair of Sennheiser HMDC27 headset mics connected to a Zoom F4 field recorded and edited in Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro. Josh LaBuda of Once and Future provided the audio stems for the intros and outros and Melinda Degnan recorded the opening and closing remarks. Drum interstitials were played and recorded by Geoff in his home studio.

2 Comments on “Sarah Gillam // I Like The Way You Work It 021”

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast Geoff and Sarah! The work both of you do is so giving to our community – thank you! My heart will always be a part of West Valley – Geoff you graduated from WV in ‘94, I started my career there in 1989! It was a very difficult decision for me to leave WV to move into district administration where I am now, but from the first time I met Sarah, I knew she would be WVs next principal. I was right – and she’s a far better leader than I was, so it’s heartwarming for me to watch her be so successful in what she does. Sarah made me a better person – thank you for sharing this podcast with our community!

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