The perfect time for a fresh start

StartNowNow is the perfect time for a fresh start.

Regardless of what you need to blow up, amplify, or reboot, there will never be a better day to start.

The twist is that even though I am writing these words during the first week of a brand new year, they will be equally true in two weeks, 6 months, or at any other point you find yourself reading them.

We paint ourselves into a romantic (and ineffective) corner when we allow the calendar, or specific circumstances, to prescribe the “right time” to change things for the better.

The only right time, it turns out, is now.

Today is the perfect day to take ownership of your choices, to take responsibility for the way you think and act, to embrace your humanity, and to bravely pursue your very best work.

Are you audacious enough to start moving in the direction of your very best work? Are you gutsy enough to believe you have something uniquely valuable to offer the world around you?

I hope so, because we need you.

One Comment on “The perfect time for a fresh start”

  1. Just read your Ebook and you made my day and it has just started.
    The graphic presentation is very exciting and meaningful. The content is definitely motivating. You are making a difference on many levels. I look forward to sometime next week when we can get together at your convenience. For now…Hoorah!!!

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