Goodbye, Bridget

Bridget Frazier and her twin daughters

I visited Washington D.C. last week to represent Date-Line at America's Small Business Summit where we were honored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of 100 Blue Ribbon small businesses. Accepting our Blue Ribbon certificate (it's not actually a ribbon at all) was great, but the coolest part of this trip was that I was able to squeeze in a visit with Bridget Frazier, a … [Read more...]

Not Winning Is Different Than Losing

Thank you, Fairbanks

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of representing Date-Line Digital Printing (and being the least formal attendee) at America's Small Business Summit where the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recognized our little company as one of 100 Blue Ribbon small businesses in the country. Being one of those 100 Blue Ribbon businesses also put us in the running for the Community … [Read more...]

The US Chamber of Commerce likes us!

US Chamber 2014 Blue Ribbon Business

We found out yesterday that the US Chamber of Commerce named us one of their 100 Blue Ribbon Businesses in America! The next goal is to garner enough votes to become their Community Excellence Award winner and bring that national distinction to Fairbanks...but we need your help! The whole story, complete with a 1 minute video, is over at you can … [Read more...]

What I Should Have Said

Geoff Welch accepting the Business of the Year Award from the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Date-Line Digital Printing

The salad, while lovely, was far too complicated for my tastes and I was busy simplifying it when I started to get the distinct impression I might be about to accept an award. The annual meeting of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce was in full swing and Executive Director Lisa Herbert had just begun extolling the virtues of the company that was about to be named as … [Read more...]

The Case of The Misplaced Identity


Have you ever left something important, like your car keys or your phone, behind at a business? How about almost every legal identifying document you have? Well, this week a customer left their passport, drivers license, and social security card in our store. Thankfully Melissa came across the documents and immediately set out to find the person who left them. The phone book … [Read more...]