I Survived For A Week Without My Beloved Internet

Lone iPhone

I’ve been back in the “real” world for less than a week and I am already unsure how I survived for a week without the internet. Here’s what I can piece together from fragments of offline analog memories: My wife, 5-year old daughter, and I recently took a 7-day cruise to Mexico and we made a decision to spend the … Read More

How We Spell “WOW” With Two M’s

The M&M dispenser at Date-Line Digital Printing

I’m vaguely excited to be leaving on vacation with my wife and daughter in the morning. I love traveling and getting to share new experiences with these two amazing ladies and I’m always inspired with ideas for making Date-Line better when I’m in new places and spaces. It was on one of these trips that I had the idea to … Read More

When In Doubt, Beat The Crap Out Of A Fax Machine

Geoff Welch Pounds An Old Fax Machine

We work with machines all day. Machines help us to do our work more efficiently. Machines help us do things that we couldn’t do without them. But machines also cause us to pull our hair out. Machines laugh at us. Machines enjoy our suffering. So, when a machine goes down for the count we aren’t about to let it go … Read More

Welcome Back, Melissa

Melissa Wood is back! Melissa is a former employee who has been helping us out as a super temp for the past year. When it became clear recently that it was time to add a part-time staffer to help us keep up with the growing demand for our services, Melissa was willing and able to come back into the fold. … Read More

Why We Call Ourselves Problem Solvers

A few months ago I realized we had a problem with our job titles. The words Customer Service Specialist were accurate, but they didn’t really get to the crux of what we do. When I started to really distill the work we do here down to it’s essence I eventually got down to solving problems for people. Of course, we … Read More