Goodbye, Bridget

Bridget Frazier and her twin daughters

We consider ourselves fortunate to have spent 3+ years with such a wonderful young woman and we wish her the very best.

Not Winning Is Different Than Losing

Thank you, Fairbanks

It’s been fun for Date-Line to be the center of attention for a bit, but we recognize that none of what we do would be remotely possible outside of Fairbanks.

The US Chamber of Commerce likes us!

US Chamber 2014 Blue Ribbon Business

We found out yesterday that the US Chamber of Commerce named us one of their 100 Blue Ribbon Businesses in America! The next goal is to garner enough votes to become their Community Excellence Award winner and bring that national distinction to Fairbanks…but we need your help! The whole story, complete with a 1 minute video, is over at…or … Read More

What I Should Have Said

Geoff Welch accepting the Business of the Year Award from the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Date-Line Digital Printing

When we were named the Business of the Year by the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday I failed to give proper credit to two very important groups of people and I want to correct that now. I’m limiting it to these two groups of people because if I tried to account for everyone who deserve to be thanked I would likely break the Internet.