Rhonda’s Balloon Surprise

Today is Rhonda’s 5-year anniversary with us and we wanted to surprise her with a shower of balloons when she showed up this morning. We failed.

-40F Hot Water Test

When it’s -40F and you take hot water outside and throw it in the air…this happens:

Service Is In The Blood

We’ve moved our business articles! You can now check out our thoughts on business at: The article you are looking for is HERE: http://indiefbx.com/better/service-is-in-the-blood/

He Runs a Biz, And Marathons

Travis is heading down to Anchorage today to participate in the Humpy’s Marathon on Sunday.  Since running his first marathon in 2006 Travis has run the Equinox Ultra Marathon (50K!) in 2009 and is currently registered to run it again next month.  Travis logs about 200 miles a month running around Fairbanks and we’re super proud of his accomplishments as a runner. Share