How We Breathed New Life Into 30 Year Old Drums

Geoff's "Scribble" Drums

Geoff's "Scribble" DrumsI have this old drum set that I love. My mom bought it for my dad on his birthday nearly 31 years ago and I sort of stole them from him at some point along the way. I’m sure he would call them his, but I call them mine. Semantics.

I decided it might be fun to give them a little cosmetic TLC (they still sound great) and thought filming the process might be interesting. Using our adhesive vinyl product, which is stocked in 12×18″ sheets and on a 60″ roll, I set out to print custom artwork that would be adhered to the drum shells to give them an entirely different look.

As you will see in the embedded video I leveraged the tools here at Date-Line Digital Printing to complete the whole update. I drew a custom design into Illustrator, printed the design on adhesive vinyl, stripped all the hardware off the drum shells, trimmed and applied the giant stickers onto the drums, and put it all back together.

It was time consuming (every minute of video is about an hour of real time) but I love the way they turned out. They still sound great too!

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  1. Excellent job on the drums, Geoff! What a great way to show everyone the creative possibilities that can be done at Date-Line Digital.

  2. Thanks Debra! It was a lot of fun to put together and I’m glad you liked it. gw

  3. I’m looking to redo my drum covers and I’m wondering the cost for the vinyl stickers for a drumset and shipping charges? I would love to do almost the exact same design, but in reverse as the video above…Black drums with white “lines” or scribbles, or circles even… Please get back to me with a quote.
    C Hall

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